PRENATAL YOGA - Mokshayoga



Our Prenatal Yoga Classes are a wonderful opportunity to experience the benefits of a deeply nurturing, rebalancing and restorative yoga practice – supporting you at a physical, psychological and emotional level through the various stages of your pregnancy and in preparation for the experience of childbirth.

Designed specifically for prenatal students, you’ll be expertly guided through modified postures to maintain a safe practice while supporting the needs of your changing body throughout your journey of pregnancy.

Placing emphasis on gently stretching and strengthening the most relevant muscle groups, it’s a practice that will assist in boosting your immune system, supporting digestion and preparing the pelvis and lower spine for labour. Combined with an exploration of breathing and relaxation techniques that calm the nervous system and help establish a healthy sleeping cycle, you’ll leave every practice feeling relaxed and renewed!

No previous yoga experience is necessary, so come along and share your journey with a beautiful group of women in these supportive and nourishing classes.

Regular Classes: Wednesdays 6pm – 7:15pm

Can’t make our Wednesday evening Prenatal Yoga class? You can now also join Prenatal Yoga expert Rachel on Saturday mornings, 8am – 9:15am, for our Gentle Flow class