The March 2017 instalment of our ‘Living Yoga Philosophy’ series focused on the ‘Six Inner Treasures’ and, more importantly, how to uncover and recognise them as the jewels they are!

For the modern Yogi journeying through life’s vast and varied landscape of experiences, much guidance can be found in the wisdom discovered and shared by those who have come before us. Our intent is to draw from this ancient yogic philosophy as a way to anchor and navigate our way on the path of life with a well-tuned compass and trustworthy, reliable inner guidance.

The Six Treasures, known is Yoga as Sat-Sampatti, remind us that in moments of doubt or uncertainty it is our source of inner wisdom that we can confidently trust to bring us from darkness into light; from the unknown to the known. Developing this unwavering trust helps us build what can be among the most valuable qualities to cultivate – Self-Certainty – empowering us with the confidence to believe in ourselves and our ever-communicating inner compass in the knowing that whatever we face, we have all we need within to guide us through life’s experiences.