Sometimes it’s only when we relent our search that we allow space for the answers to come forward and reveal themselves to us. Now this can seem pretty counter-intuitive when we’re under pressure to resolve a problem or remove a block, but if the frantically seeking mind is coming up short as our go-to source of answers it may be time for a shift in strategy. In fact it could be this intense focusing of the mind itself that’s actually blocking new levels of awareness from reaching us. How many times has turning on the shower taps released a refreshing flow of your best ideas to wash over you, when you were least trying to force them? In how many movies does the detective suddenly stumble upon a key flash of insight from the most unlikely of directions, only after they’d practically given up on solving the case?


When we seek with the narrow beam of flashlight that is our mind we are exerting a whole range of influences, limitations and preconceptions of what we think we already know upon the possibilities – hardly the ideal conditions for opening up a whole new level of insight. As Einstein put it “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”, and when we’re coming from a level of consciousness and intellectual understanding that is frankly “stuck”, it’s not surprising that we’re often similarly limited in the possibilities we can see. In these instances it can be the best course of action to take the detective of our mind off the case, release our restricting focus and open the way for the flow of our pure intuition and vastness of all we truly do know at a deeper l¬evel to come forward and reveal itself.

It’s in the stillness that we find the answers. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to view this phenomenon from a metaphysical perspective of clearing the way to open our innate connection with the universe, from a cognitive notion of stripping away the filters through which we perceive our limited view of reality, or in terms of reverting to an uninfluenced state where all possibilities still exist within the quantum field – when we remove the limiting influence of our mind we open ourselves back up to the full range of unfiltered possibilities, and therein lay our answers.

In my early years as a Transformational Coach this was a pretty powerful notion to get my head around until I saw it played out time after time in my clients – that all the answers we need can be found within, and it’s just so often our inability to see them from beyond the many obstructions our mind has built in the way. So how can we relent our thoughts from banging up against these walls and instead open one of the many doors to an uninterrupted view across the expanses of limitless possibility?


Well, even if you’re not an adept meditator or don’t have access to deep-state transformational techniques, we ALL have the ability to transcend the dialogue of our thoughts and tap into the vast resources of inner knowing beyond our narrow conscious awareness. Almost anything that occupies or distracts the focus of the conscious mind can gently open the door to the flow it can otherwise be interrupting – remember the shower? Yet in the interests of conserving water, let’s touch on a few of the other effective gateways available to you. Practicing yoga is one of the most powerful and well-known vehicles for this, as any true devotee will attest to. The core purpose of the physical postures and breathing techniques is to guide you toward attaining the state of “yoga” – literally meaning “union” – opening our connection with all that is, allowing the ego to fall away and granting us access to infinitely more than is available within the confines of our mind.

Indeed, any form of exercise that presents your body with an element of challenge naturally prompts your conscious mind to step aside – running seems to make it particularly easy for many to surrender focused thought and expand their awareness to welcome whatever greater insight or inspiration may come forth. Even engaging in mundane everyday tasks that gently occupy the mind from its relentless thinking present yet another opportunity for opening the gates to connect with the higher perspective of our inner knowing, when we simply tune into what there is to be noticed among the stillness.


Finally, you can try plugging right into this connection with your highest state of awareness by pausing for a few moments and guiding yourself through a brief visualisation, moving through the layers of the PCR process (Progressive Consciousness Realignment). You don’t need to be familiar with the PCR transformational process to do this quick and easy exercise – all we’ll be doing here is peeling away each of the layers through which you’re filtering your current view of reality and expanding toward a greater level of clarity.

Start by taking a couple of deep breaths to centre yourself and you might even choose to allow your eyes to close if that feels right for you. Notice your awareness moving up from the level of embodiment (1) – how things are playing out or presenting you with a problem – and into the level of your mind (2), acknowledging the thoughts, underlying assumptions and beliefs with which you’re creating your current perspective. From here you can peel back this layer of your mind and let it fade away as you move into the energetic/emotional level (3). Here you can simply notice the energy and emotion that was colouring your perceptions, before peeling away this layer and moving beyond into the highest level of your true self (4). By immersing yourself in this pure space of truth – free from the influence of the levels beneath – you’ll find your awareness opening to an unfiltered view of possibilities as you connect with totality (5).

Whatever your chosen method, it can be a reluctant decision we make to set aside the influences of our mind and its search for what we think we need to know. Yet it can be very hard to hear what we truly need to know when we’re too busy talking! So often, creating this space can be the surest way to get an unobstructed view of the answers we need and move into genuine new levels of awareness and understanding.

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